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Ruken Mizrakli attended secondary and high school at Sankt George Austrian Girls School. Then, she studied at Istanbul Technical University and received her B.A. in Industrial Engineering. After graduation and during her business life, she attended various courses and training programmes, in the U.S. and Turkey. She started actively working at the headquarter of Türkiye Şişe Cam Fabrikaları / Şişecam Group as a Total Quality Management and Statistical Process Control Specialist.

Mizrakli started to work in leather sector in 1990, by importing raw skin, as the co-founder of Gündüz Foreign Trade Ltd. With her two partners, she established the double-face factory “Gündüz Kürk Inc.” located at Çorlu, in 1997. Ruken Mizrakli is currently acting as Vice Chairwoman of Gündüz Kürk Inc.,one of the major leather tanneries of Turkey. Beside that  she is a shareholder of a global company Pulcra Chemicals operating in 13 different countries with fabrics and sales offices.

She was selected as “The Most Successful Businesswoman in the Leather Industry” based on the survey conducted among leather manufacturers, by Leather Fashion magazine, in 1999 and as “The Most Successful Businesswoman of the Year” in Textile and Ready-to-wear category, by Dünya Newspaper, in 2003. She is carrying on her business activities with various investments in Leather, Double-face and Construction fields.

Ruken Mizrakli is the Board Member of both Istanbul Leather and Leather Manufacturers’ Association (IDMIB) and Turkish Leather Brands (DTG) since 2010. She acted as a Member of the Executive Board of Istanbul Fashion Week (IFW) for 3 periods. She is a member of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) and Women Coporate Directors (WCD). Beside that she is a member of ONE (Old, New, Eternal)Association promoting the cultural heritage , historical riches and branding of Turkey on international platforms.

Ruken Mizrakli served as the Chairwoman of Turkish Leather Association (TURDEV) for the 2013-2015 period and TURDEV is the leading NGO gathering all trade associations related with Turkish Leather Industry under the same roof.

In 2013-2015, she acted as the Chairwoman of the Executive Board of IDF Istanbul Leather Fair, the world’s 4th largest event in this field.

In 2015,she is selected by Advertising Age and Mediacat at ‘’ Women to Watch’’ as Sectorel Leader .And she is selected by Vogue Turkey among  the Visioners of the Turkish Fashion Industry.

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